The Battle Continues [1]

The Battle Continues [1]
Palm plantations are like thick forests filled with plant growth and wildlife. After maturity, trees remain productive for a quarter of a century. This mallows the land to remain relatively undisturbed for years without disrupting the ecology. In contrast, soybeans and corn must be replanted each year with heavy applications of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The reason hydrogenated vegetable oils are added to foods is to improve texture and increase shelf life. Hydrogenated fats do not go rancid as quickly as liquid vegetable oils so they make suitable oils for frying in restaurants where oils are heated and reheated over and over again. Also hydrogenated oils can be heated to high temperatures with far less oxidation than liquid vegetable oils. Oxidation alters flavor and creates harmful free radicals. So what's the solution to hydrogenated fats?

The solution is simple. What did food processors and restaurants use before they had hydrogenated oils? Saturated fats. One of the best for cooking is palm oil. Now that hydrogenated vegetables oils have been exposed as health hazards, food processors are removing them and switching back to palm and coconut oils.

The transition isn't easy however. Many misguided individuals are fighting this change. The CSPI, backed by their friends in the seed oil industry, is actively campaigning against the used of tropical oils. Horrified that palm oil is now replacing hydrogenated fats in many commercial foods, the CSPI has renewed its attack on tropical oils, taking particular aim at the palm oil industry.

The CSPI is attacking individual food manufacturers for putting palm oil in their products, particularly those in the health food industry, calling them irresponsible for claiming that palm oil is a healthier choice. Palm oil, they say, is a saturated fat and saturated fats cause heart disease. This claim, however, has been soundly refuted by overwhelming evidence in published medical journals. Bringing this information to the awareness of CSPI should have convinced any honest truth seeker, but not the CSPI. They apparently are not after the truth but trying to win a campaign against saturated fats.

Seeing that they could not attack the palm oil on the grounds that it promotes heart disease, they have resorted to other tactics. Reaching into their bag of tricks, they have began attacking the character of the palm oil producers. In an effort to sway public opinion against the palm oil industry, they began taking out full-page ads in newspapers, such as the New Your Times, claiming that these companies were destroying rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia to make room for palm plantations. In clearing the jungles, the natural habitat of endangered species such as the orangutan, were in eminent danger.

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