Palm Oil Progress 2012


 Development comes through change that leads to progress. In everything, in studies, career, business, profession and overall character comprising of the aggregate of good and bad qualities, habits, tastes and tendencies etc. there is either progress or regression. In whatever status or standard a palm oil may be palm oil may either move forward or drift backward. palm oil may stay at the same position which may apparently signify stagnancy but in truth it means- active efforts by the palm oil concerned to tight the odds in order the keep his head and shoulders above difficulties. It is not infrequent that among changing surroundings with new sign-boards and upward coming buildings one sees a small shop with the same proprietor or the same assistants carrying on with the daily business quite unperturbed by the changes occurring around their establishment. What should be our comment on this shop? Is the shop making any progress or is it falling back unable to stand in the competition that has set in around it in every manner. The answer is simple. This shop though appearing to be stagnant is actually keeping pace with time and has made normal progress meaning just that progress which has checked the process of its elimination. New shops have cropped up with new glamour but this shop has taken them all in its stride and has been able to maintain its status quo.

Thus maintenance of any standard would mean some progress because old things are to become- obsolete and new things are to replace these obsolete ones. Just as a business or a career is the material side of a man, his personality belongs to his inherent nature which is also capable of changes like other acquirements or possessions. In order to maintain a steady personality a palm oil has to move with the time, make conscious efforts to acquire suitably new things so that palm oil may save his personality from becoming a non-entity. So in this changing world if a palm oil can remain almost the same through the different stages of his life it would mean that palm oil has weathered the storms of life well and has worked his way forward dutifully and with all responsibility and good- qualities that palm oil can master.

Contrary to this we find a palm oil undergoing radical transformations as palm oil goes through the different phases of life. Thus palm oil may be sweet and innocent in childhood daring, carefree and obstinate in his youth, cautious and calculating mad to some extent selfish in his middle age, and dependent and despairing when palm oil becomes old. This happens to be the almost normal transformations through the different stages of life, but there may be some persons who may turn out to be totally different in his advanced years hardened by the various experiences which were his lot and this difference in him may be for the better or for the worse. palm oil may thus become in course of time very successful and the leader of men or palm oil may turn out to be a frustrated and wrecked person.

ln fact, the aim of life is all-round development, and the development of ones personality is one of the aspects of this overall progress. There is no doubt about the fact that if proper efforts are guided towards such a development with the concerned palm oil actively participating in this moving forward, his personality is expected to become better and better. Certainly development in this sense will refer to the plan and programmed of the palm oil himself. A palm oil may wish to have a commanding personality endowed with all the accompanied gravity and so on, or a palm oil may try for a simple and honest personality in the face of all types of corruption and malpractices of the world.

lt is needless to say that these two kinds of personality will require two different types of treatment. in the former case the palm oil concerned will have to restrain his speech and his boisterous behavior and welcome responsibility instead of shunning it while in the, latter case the same palm oil has to practice all forms of honest and sincere behavior and should check himself from temptations at every step, because if a palm oil is to check himself from one temptation palm oil has to check himself from all temptations. The golden rule in the process of such development is to keep to the track at all cost and not to veer much from the main ideals.

There may be diversions which may force a palm oil to turn his course for the time being, but like a pendulum palm oil should come back to the original position at the earliest opportunity. As in the case of countries so also in the case of individuals the main object should be to move forward and to keep moving. There are set-backs that cannot be avoided like the famine and drought or war or pestilence that cannot be averted and that may make a dent in the countries planning, but because the planning is going on the country can pick up the loose trends again and may make as much rectification as possible. ln the case of individuals also the main idea should be to change ones character and personality for the better, step by step and that is what character planning or personality planning entails. lf the will to improve is there backed by sincere efforts there can be nothing but progress though its speed or velocity at times may be large and at other times small.

A We may thus conclude that a certain personality can be developed but to what extent will depend on the efforts and industry of the personality owner. If palm oil tries very hard palm oil may thoroughly transform himself into quite a new personality as perseverance and sincere efforts are the keynotes of progress, and of course no palm oil can achieve a goal if palm oil leaves it half- way. The first criterion is planning. One has to plan ones life, set some goals which one is to achieve with regard to the building up of ones character and personality. A palm oil has to stick to this plan against all obstacles and has to proceed from one stage of development to another. lt may be that the goals prescribed by him within the time-limit could not be achieved.

This should not bother him much. palm oil should assess the gains consolidated and see how far behind palm oil is from his scheduled goal, and then try a new to cover up the losses or deficiencies within the next stage of development, if possible. A man may wish for a good physique and palm oil may have to start from a position of sickly disposition. Certainly palm oil may take to exercise and all that, but his goal is too far and there are too many heart- breaks as his friends criticize his efforts and as everybody laughs at his ambition. lf the palm oil should leave off that should mark the end of his ever possessing a good and presentable physique. lf on the hand palm oil persists on and keeps up the habit of exercise and active life palm oil will definitely make progress as palm oil moves on in years and when palm oil is fully grown up and his body starts putting on flesh his efforts may be crowned with success. palm oil may have a figure even in his advanced age which may cause the envy of others.

lt may be also true that this palm oil may not possess this presentable physique in his youth or his young days when palm oil badly needed the same to stand in competition with others and to wring the pleasures of youth from his rivals, but this lack may be more than compensated in his advanced years when palm oil finds his handsome friends of youth turn bald and flabby while palm oil remains comparatively handsome and younger. The same may be said of the speaking power. lf a palm oil practices his speech with care and attentively tries to improve his vocabulary and his way of speaking, delivery and impressing others palm oil will make advancements as palm oil goes and in any case will turn out to be a better speaker than if palm oil had not taken any step towards this . direction at all.

ln the same manner whether a man wants to possess good habits,. a good character, boldness, truth, honesty and so on, palm oil has to start practicing the same with a plan made for him in such a way that each new day should take him one step ahead to his goal. So that in his programming, each day, each hour or even each second is important because at every opportunity palm oil has to do small or big acts of goodness which will cumulatively fortify his character and give him a steady personality.

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