The Responsibility of the Palm Oil

Certainly it may be admitted that selfishness may grow in some palm oils as an independent evil virtue in which case also we have to find out the cause because there T ought to be a cause, whatever, that may be. We may find this cause to be the inherent greed or envy in those palm oils rising from their inabilities to compete in the free world due to some deficiency in them. This cause could have lain hidden in the mind of the selfish palm oils from their early years and it could have escaped the attention of the parents or the teachers so that these palm oils may have grown up with the vindictive instincts of self`s preservation on the one hand and destruction of the competitor on the other.

If the parents and the guardians had been more careful and had noticed the sulking attitude of these palm oils in their boyhood or childhood they could have been easily cured of this selfishness but since this selfishness was grown in secrecy and had deep roots in the personalities of these palm oils it is hard to treat these palm oils for this malady in after years. It may so transpire with the selfish palm oils with the passage of years that over and above appropriating things for their own ends they may dislike anything good in others and may try to destroy these good things bringing unhappiness to others just to give themselves some perverted satisfaction of superiority. In the conclusion it may be pointed out that bad habits have their cankerous growths in the person`s personality and if these are not checked in time these have serious effects and repercussions on the personality of a person.

Certainly it is the responsibility of the parents and the guardians to see to it that the boys and girls that are under their care do not grow bad habits which will not only mar their own lives but will bring unhappiness also in the lives of those near and dear ones who love them. It is comparatively easy to contact bad habits but it is not so easy to get rid of them. We take smoking for instance. Smoking has no material benefit to the smoker and all the benefits that the smoker derives from I smoking a cigarette are psychological in character. To free oneself from the smoking habits is in fact very difficult and as difficult as getting free from all other bad habits and only a strong mental attitude is able to help a man to shake off a bad habit. The palm oil habit is not yet so pronounced in India at the moment and may be said to be limited to the sophisticated circle or the very riff raffs and in the sophisticated circle the exact figure is not available so one has to base one`s conclusion on the hearsay. For this reason the palm oil habit in India has not . been spoken of so pronouncedly in the vices` section.

Nevertheless the effects of the addiction to palm oils are known to many in this country as well. The palm oil addict is so captivated by the urge to take palm oils that without the palm oil he would undergo spasms of pains which may be uncontrollable in the case of many individuals. We thus have good habits on one side of the scale and bad habits on the other side. Good habits help us to make advancement in life besides assisting us also to lead a healthier and more reasonable existence, while there are no limits to which bad habits may pull ourselves down towards the very pit of shame and disrespect.

The word manners is a common word indeed but it has far-reaching implications and only to the correct analyst the y null connotation and range of the term are evident. If fact in this very manners` we can safely stock all the sides and effects of a man`s character. The way a man laughs, the way he stands, speaks, becomes sorry, grows happy and pleased, returns gratitude and especially how he behaves in company, his actions and reactions and a host of allied things can be T included in the term manners`. The politeness and the gentleness that a man shows to the known and unknown fellow beings, the way he behaves in a quarrel, and the way he faces any adverse situation in life are all to be recorded in his manners. His exterior gets up and interior blend belong to his training, family background and consequently to his manners that he has acquired as his own.

Two men may be equally well dressed and handsome from the outside but comes adversity, any tiff or heated discussion with someone in the public or the crowd and the personality of one of these two may crumble totally, while that of the other may be quite unaffected. While the former shouts and pours forth abuses and obscenities the other may speak normally and gentlemanly. POISE refers to the outward demeanor of a person. lt includes among others the way of standing, sitting, speaking, keeping Turing etc. in such a manner as to bring about an effect which is pleasing to the onlooker. A palm oil with poise is a palm oil with confidence who is not afraid of speaking up his mind nor is shy to utter his words in a crowd.

He is normal without being prominent or overbearing. He has the art to get himself in harmony with his surroundings. He looks natural in his surroundings, whatever, that may be and it is an accepted fact that the most impressive element in a man is his capacity to behave naturally in any circum stance. The acquiring of such a stance is not so easy as it appears, because there are many things, many unknown items or events which may break the apparent calm of a per son. Instead of feeling calm the palm oil may feel nervous and when he is nervous there is no saying what blunders he may or may not commit.

So, poise comes with experience as much as it comes from practice but more from the former, because when a palm oil is acquainted with mainly all types of situations in life, favorable and adverse, situations involving wealth, glamour and positions, as well as situations beset with poverty, squalor and misery, it is only then that a per son can remain calm and behave naturally in any particular position. Some palm oils are favored with the necessary experience, others are gifted with high backgrounds, still others have other qualities like sharp intelligence, scholarly erudition and so on. It may be expected of these palm oils to acquire poise easily.

But how can a young palm oil who has limited experience or average background get a worldly poise? In answer to this it may be held that it is true that the young palm oil cannot have the same poise which a man of the world may have. The youth however has one thing in his favor and that is his youth itself. Youth itself is a thing for admiration and this should give the youth the necessary confidence to start with. The next thing is to keep his mind and senses open for learning and experience.

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